Remember remember the 5th of November!

Tomorrow, me and Eros are off to a place called Stoney Cove in Leicestershire.  It’s hard to explain how beautiful (And unexpected for the area) it is! Basically its an old quarry and then, i don’t know how long ago, they decided to fill it with water! Along with filling it with water, they also placed a few things under the water… to give you a few examples…

A Mini (the car)
A double-decker bus
A Helicopter
The Cockpit of an aeroplane

There is roughly 40 things of this size under the water, and not piled on top of one another, all separate… This is because its main function is a diving centre. Divers come from all over to go to Stoney Cove because of its nature.  I plan on diving there one day, but im used to diving abroad where the water is a lot warmer!

Anyway, me and Eros enjoy it there because there is like a little harbour part over the water and there is a bar and restaraunt and it’s really nice to sit out in the summer, and watch all the divers, and just enjoy the scenery. Let me try to find a pic from google….

Courtesy of Google Images

This picture is half of the view from the bar. Its breathtaking. It’s also quite fun seeing the divers submerge and then bounce back up in  a completely different place.  Its simply gorgeous!

Anyway, tomorrow we are going here for Bonfire Night! (Although they don’t have a bonfire) But they do have fireworks. They are set off boats in the water, so they go over the water and then reflect in the water. Its simply amazing!! I cannot wait!

My bestie from MK is coming over as well which i am really looking forward to. And it will be good for her to spend some time with Eros and get to know him a bit better as well. Yey!

Anyway, hope you all have great weekends! If you could all keep your fingers crossed that the rain disappears, then i would be grateful :) Ta :)


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2 responses to “Remember remember the 5th of November!

  1. Hoping it doesn’t rain here either..but the chances are pretty slim…have a great time..ELiza Keating

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